You're a Mission Controller!

detailed / thorough / methodical / responsive / observant

Your ability to observe and listen makes you an effective solicitor. You place value on observing, gathering and analyzing information. You often make decisions based on a patient review of the information you have gathered.

Your Secondary Style is Rainmaker. Your Rainmaker indicates that you’re solidly analytic, focusing on goals and outcomes as well. It also indicates that you’ve got the courage and some group social skills can challenge Mission Controller/Kindred Spirits.

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Mission Controller Strengths and Challenges



You do your homework and are always prepared


You’re a good listener


You quietly get the job done by following a clear step-by-step process



You rarely feel prepared enough to make the ask


You have a tendency to get caught up in the details


You can struggle to go with the flow of the meeting

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Now that you know your Asking Style, here are some suggested next steps for you to put this insight to use when cultivating relationships, setting up meetings, inspiring your donors and asking them for gifts.

Mission Controller Recorded Training

Recommended for those who want to use their Style today.

In less than an hour, start using your Asking Style to your advantage with potential donors. Get in-depth insight and training with a video training, worksheet, and bonus materials.

Asking Styles Book

Recommended for those who really want to learn everything they can about all four Asking Styles.

Dig in deep and learn all about the Asking Styles from Asking Styles creator Brian Saber. This is also a great resource for fellow staff and board members. Consider having everyone read it and then discussing it at your next meeting. It’s full of exercises and discussion questions. Buy the Kindle edition to start reading immediately! 

What fellow Mission Controllers have to say

“I kept trying to fit my square peg into the round hole of gregariousness and dynamism, but it wasn’t working. When I ran across Asking Matters and the Asking Style Assessment I finally realized anyone could ask, and success is based more on catering to one’s particular strengths than trying to be something one is not. I feel so much more comfortable with my role now.”
Kylie Pierce
Former Development Director
Rome Capitol Theatre
Rome, NY
"Asking Matters is the first time I’ve ever seen fundraising training address my introverted, detail-oriented personality (Mission Controller, by the way). Prior to Asking Matters, I’ve always felt I needed to be a Rainmaker to be a fundraiser, a shoe that just doesn’t fit and I can’t wear well. That simply made the idea of fundraising more intimidating. Thank you for what you are doing in the world through your own fundraising efforts and through helping many, many of us in our fundraising efforts."
Wendy L. Kang
Former Executive Director
Saving Grace
Winchester, OR