You're a Kindred Spirit!

feelings oriented / attentive / caring / thoughtful / selfless

You base your decisions on intuition, resulting in the ability to think quickly and fluidly. You are introverted, drawing energy from your internal experiences while finding group situations draining. You have a strong desire to assist those who need help and you want others to do the same.

Your Secondary Style is Mission Controller. Your Mission Controller indicates that you're solidly introverted. It also indicates that you’ve got some organization and system skills that can challenge Kindred Spirit/Go-Getters.

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Kindred Spirit Strengths and Challenges



You connect the prospect to the cause with your warmth and attention


You’re a great listener


You have a natural ability to think about others



You find it hard to negotiate as you see it as conflict


You have difficulty hearing no and not take it personally


You shy away from meeting new people

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Now that you know your Asking Style, here are some suggested next steps for you to put this insight to use when cultivating relationships, setting up meetings, inspiring your donors and asking them for gifts.

Kindred Spirit Recorded Training

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In less than an hour, start using your Asking Style to your advantage with potential donors. Get in-depth insight and training with a video training, worksheet, and bonus materials.

Asking Styles Book

Recommended for those who really want to learn everything they can about all four Asking Styles.

Dig in deep and learn all about the Asking Styles from Asking Styles creator Brian Saber. This is also a great resource for fellow staff and board members. Consider having everyone read it and then discussing it at your next meeting. It’s full of exercises and discussion questions. Buy the Kindle edition to start reading immediately! 

What fellow Kindred Spirits have to say

"I am the opposite of the stereotypical fund raiser - the party animal with an overpowering personality.  One line in the description of a Kindred Spirit, in particular, 'Your power as a solicitor comes from your ability to listen and intuit the responses of the people you are soliciting.' is right on target.  It is uncanny that a series of true/false questions can zero in on my style so accurately.”
Paul Jolly
Jump Start Growth
"It wasn’t until I learned about the Asking Styles and that I was a Kindred Spirit that I understood I don’t have to be everything to be great at my job and make an impact. I’ve come to embrace my Kindred Spirit fabulousness, forgive my need for cheat sheets and one-pagers, and partner with colleagues and volunteers who complement my style. This has led to much less stress which means I’m more present, confident, and authentic with donors and prospects – something that means very much to me and leads to greater fundraising success for the organization.”
Sarah Janzen
Director, Corporate Engagement
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, CA